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Salvage ID 311055
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311055 7/6/2018
7/11/2018 Midnight EST
Salvage Title
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Sealed Bid  Type Of Aution
2015 Wilson PSDCL-408  Livestock 
1W16482A8F5547490  Good 
48 Feet 102 Inches  Air 
Fixed  Aluminum 
Aluminum  Rear Rollup 
                       22.5 Budd All Aluminum
Tires are in increments of 1/32nd's of tread depth.




Damage Recap:

Tread Depth?
The wrecker service had a tire company respond to the scene and they replaced the two left rear tires and wheels with steel wheels and poor recaps. The damaged alum wheels will be put back in the trailer.  
The left front wheel bearing probably failed causing a fire at the left side axles which burnt 4 tires and damaged 4 alum wheels on the left side. The front axle damage is unknown. The suspension and brake systems were damaged along with the wiring, air lines, air bags,and shocks. The floor above the fire burned a hole in it and warped some of the crossmembers, left sub frame rail, and the floor section.

No gate or roof damage. The left side panels above the fire are warped and will need replaced. The rear left fender rail may need replaced.

There is also some minor jackknife damage at the left nose rail area to the lower panel and nose rail.
The trailer has no brakes, no suspension, or rear lights. It did tow okay but it will need some work to tow it without the air system or electrical working. The tow yard used a light bar for the rear lights. They chained up the left side of the front axle.  
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