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Terms & Conditions, a product of NetBase Technologies, Inc. is in the silent auction business and acts as agent for neither submitter/seller nor Bidder/buyer. Although makes every effort to insure all information published is correct, it is in no way responsible for the accuracy of information supplied by submitter/seller. All information submitted is the responsibility of submitter/seller and all information submitted should be carefully checked for accuracy before submitting and after unit is posted. in no way acts as a guarantor of the condition of any item submitted.
The submitter/seller reserves the right to accept, reject or ignore any bid and is not obligated to sell any item listed. It is understood that all aspects of the sale of any item listed on is between submitter/seller and bidder/buyer. does not guarantee bids or payments. Compliance with laws regarding salvage and salvage titles on motor vehicles is the sole responsibility of submitter/seller. Submitter/seller understands that payment by buyer will not be made on motor vehicles covered by title laws without some form of title: be it salvage, good or restricted. (Netbase Technologies, Inc.) reserves the right to refuse to list any item deemed offensive to the general public. In no event shall be liable for lost profits or any special, incidental or consequential damages arising out of or in connection with this agreement. This agreement represents the complete contract between the parties and no oral representations by either party will void, change or expand the agreement. All listings are subject to the standard fee schedule applicable at the time of the listing.
It is the responsibility of the submitter/seller to contact the bidder selected by the submitter/seller and arrange for the pickup of the listed item and payment for the item. Bids are good for thirty days from the date of closing and bidder/buyer will pay for storage from the date of written notice by the submitter/seller to pick up the item. All bids are in US dollars and the submitter/seller may require certified funds. State taxes on the sale of salvaged items is the responsibility of the submitter/seller and submitter/seller agrees to comply with all state laws regarding sales taxes and fees pertaining to the transfer of titles.
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