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The Bidding Process:
The information provided will explain the bidding process.
There are many advantages to buying your heavy equipment and cargo salvage through Big Truck Salvage. We auction more than 10,000 pieces of salvage every year. During an average day, we have between 100 to 200 pieces of salvage listed that span the entire United States. In addition, forty of the largest insurance companies in the United States, as well as hundreds of independent sellers, currently use Big Truck Salvage to sell their salvage. Having so many pieces to choose from, BTS feels confident we will have a piece for you.
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Our system separates the salvage into Six categories - Truck Salvage, Trailer Salvage, Cargo Salvage, Off-Road Equipment Salvage, Miscellaneous Salvage and Parts.
From the home page, choose a category from the “Salvage Categories” box on the top left side of the page. Once selected, you will be shown the list of salvage separated into three statuses – Open, Closed, and Posted. These statuses are described below.
  • Open Salvage – The salvage is open for bids.
  • Closed Salvage – The salvage is in the closed status for three days. During this time BTS sends the bid results to the seller. The seller processes the bid results and determines whether to sell the salvage to our high bidder or retain the salvage.
  • Posted Salvage – The bidding results are posted. The salvage stays “Posted” for three days and then is taken off the system. During this status, the high bid will be posted.
Once on the listing page, you will have several features allowing you to narrow the list of salvage so you can find what you need. You can filter the list by status, model, and location. This feature helps you find the pieces that interest you while hiding undesirable ones. Another feature that will help you narrow down your selection is the Zip Code Tool. The zip code tool allows you to narrow your search within a radius of a zip code. Just type in a zip code and select the radius area, only salvage in the radius will be displayed.
Once you have selected a piece of salvage, you will be taken to its Salvage Survey page. The Salvage Survey page describes the salvage, its condition, and its location. From the list of links at the top of the Salvage Survey page, you can select to bid on the piece, view its pictures, or print its survey sheet.
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Every open piece of salvage on Big Truck Salvage has a “Bid on Salvage” link at the top of the Salvage Survey page. Once clicked, you will be taken to the Buyer’s Sign In page. You will enter your User ID (your e-mail address can also be used as your User ID) and password then click the Sign In button at the bottom of the page. The sign in feature authorizes you so you can bid on salvage. Once signed in, a cookie is placed on your computer allowing you to skip the sign-in process in the future. If you have cookies turned off on your browser, you will be required to sign in every time you place a bid.
After you have been authenticated, you will be taken to the Salvage Bid page. This page lists your company’s name, user ID, the bid date, salvage closing date, and the date you are required to honor your bid until. In addition, it shows you the salvage ID and a picture of the salvage you are bidding on. If any information on this page is incorrect, click on the link provided to re-authenticate. If everything is correct, you will enter your bid in the two boxes provided. The first box represents the dollar amount. Enter numeric values only. Example: 1234. Please do not enter periods, commas and/or dollar signs. This box only accepts numeric values. The next box provided represents the cent amount. Enter two numeric values. Example: 11. Please do not enter periods, commas and/or dollar signs. Once you have filled out your bid, click on the “Submit My Bid” button at the bottom of the page.
The next page is the Bid Confirmation page. Here you can review your bid before it is placed. You may cancel your bid, replace you bid, or submit your bid. Upon submitting your bid, you will be taken to the Bid Completion page. From this page, you can start your search for salvage over again. Just select the salvage category of interest.
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Once a piece of salvage closes, its status is changed to Closed. The Closed period lasts for three days. This period allows Big Truck Salvage time to compile the bidding results and send the results to the seller. In addition, the seller is given time to process the information and decide whether to sell the salvage or retain it.
Bidders will receive immediate feedback on Closed salvage in their “Your Account” section under “View Your Bids”. The high bidder will see a red check mark under the High Bidder column and will be given a link to the seller’s information. Bidders who did not place the high bid will not see the red check mark or the link to the seller’s information. The seller will contact the high bidder with an award letter or may decline to sell the salvage. If the bidder wants to contact the seller, he/she should wait till after three days the closing date. BTS recommends the high bidder wait until the seller contacts them with the award letter.
After the closing period, the salvage’s status is changed to Posted. During this three day period, BTS lists the results for the low bidders and the rest of the buyers on the site. The results will either be the high bid amount or a statement telling the buyers of the result.
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