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General FAQ:
What are BTS’s office hours?
  • Our office hours are from 8 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday thru Friday, EST.
What if my account information changes?
  • It is important that sellers and buyers keep their account information up-to-date. To update your contact information, click on the “Your Account” link on the home page. Log onto “Your Account” using your user ID and password. Once you are on the “View Your Account” page, select the “Edit Your Account” link at the top of the page. This page allows you to update your account information.
I have lost my password or user ID, what do I do?
  • Click on the “Your Account” link on the home page. On the login screen, there is a red link- “Forgot Your Password”. Click on this link and enter the appropriate information. You will receive an e-mail with your account information listed. If you need further assistance, call Big Truck Salvage at (770) 474-4007.
What is a sealed bid auction?
  • A sealed bid auction is where buyers “blind bid”. All bids are sealed. No buyer knows what the others have bid. The high bid is not revealed until bidding closes and the salvage is “Posted”.
What is a live Auction?
  • A live auction is where buyers always see the current high bid.
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What are PDF files? How do I get Adobe Acrobat Reader?
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader uses documents that have a PDF extension. PDF’s are the internet standard in reporting and documentation. Unlike web pages, Acrobat will allow the user to print documents without cutting off parts of the page. Click here to download the reader free of charge. All invoices under “Your Account” are created using Adobe Acrobat.
  • Click here to download Adobe Acrobat.
What is the current high bid on a piece of salvage?
  • If the salvage is still open and the type of auction is sealed bid, a seller must call Big Truck Salvage to find out the current high bid. Once the salvage closes, the high bid information will be posted for the seller under “Your Account”. Click on the “View Your Salvage” link. Then, click the invoice associated with that salvage.
How much does it cost to run a piece of salvage on Big Truck Salvage?
How do I become a seller on Big Truck Salvage?
Can I change the number of days I have selected to run a piece of salvage?
  • The seller of the salvage must call Big Truck Salvage to change the number of days a piece of salvage is listed. If you choose to close a piece of salvage, the salvage will not close until 12 Midnight, EST, on the day you wish it to close.
Can I submit salvage on weekends and holidays?
  • Salvage can be submitted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays. Technical support is only available during regular business hours. Salvage submitted after business hours on Friday will be posted by noon on Saturday. Salvage submitted on Saturday or Sunday will not be posted till Monday during business hours.
Who do I pay for running salvage on Big Truck Salvage?
  • Checks should be made payable to Netbase Technologies, Inc. and mailed to PO BOX 2190 Peachtree City, GA 30269.
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Am I the highest bidder on a piece of salvage?
  • High bid information is only available after bidding has closed on a piece of salvage. Go to “Your Account” and log in. Click on “View Your Bids”. If you are the high bidder on a piece of salvage, you will see a red check mark by the salvage listing. You will be given a link that displays the contact information for the seller. Please give the seller three days after the piece has closed before you contact them. This period allows the seller to process the paperwork.
Where can I inspect the salvage?
  • Information about the salvage is listed on the salvage survey sheet. The location of the salvage may or may not be listed. If there is no contact name or location for the seller, contact Big Truck Salvage and we will attempt to obtain the information for you.
How much did the salvage sell for?
  • Sealed Bid Auction: The high bid is posted on the website three days after the salvage has closed. The high bid will remain in the “Posted” section for three days. On the fourth day, the salvage will be taken off the site. If you have the salvage ID, you may use our “Quick Search” at the top of our home page to look up salvage that has been taken off the site.
  • Live Auction: The current high bid will always be shown.
What is the current high bid?
  • Sealed Bid Auction: high bids are not revealed prior to posting, which is three days after the salvage has closed.
  • Live Auction: The current high bid will always be shown.
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