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Salvage ID 306067
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306067 6/16/2017
6/22/2017 Midnight EST
Salvage Title
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Sealed Bid  Type Of Aution
2016 Freightliner Cascadia PX 125064S T  3AKJGLD61GSGT4295 
Detroit DD 15 14.8 Liter 455  380,160 
Double Integral High Roof 72 Inches  Other DA-RT-40.04 HT 3.31 
Air Ride (4)  Jost Air Slide 
Fuller RTLO 16913A  120 Gallon 
Aluminum  2 
                       22.5 Budd All Aluminum 
Tires are in increments of 1/32nd's of tread depth.




Damage Recap:

Tread Depth?

A Google search on the rear ends shows them as Detroits. Unit has black plastic 1/4 fenders. Ex-Guard front bumper, load lock storage bar, and extenders. 
This unit was involved in a left side layover. The damage to the unit includes the A/M front bumper, left end of the OEM painted bumper, left fender, fender mirror, top hood panel, left side frame fairings, driver’s door shell, interior drivers door trim panels, all internal window parts, left side sleeper panel, rear panel, roof assembly, windshield mask, and windshields. The belly ban as well as its mounting bolts are damaged. There is some interior trim panel damage to the full length cabinet behind the driver’s seat. Both of the windshields are out of the unit so there is likely some degree of water damage to the interior of the unit.  
The engine, flywheel housing and transmission all appear to be OK. Frame appear to be fairly straight. For the most part the interior trim components are in fairly good condition. 
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