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Trailer Information:
Salvage ID 309314
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309314 2/9/2018
2/14/2018 Midnight EST
Salvage Title
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Sealed Bid  Type Of Aution
2009 Transcraft AF48102-2-524 Aluminum Flatbed  Flat 
1TTF4820493000075  Good 
48 Feet 102 Inches  Air 
                       22.5 Budd 4 Alu, 4 Stl
Tires are in increments of 1/32nd's of tread depth.




Damage Recap:

Tread Depth?
Cargo NOT included with trailer salvage.
Aluminum construction.
Upset right side.
Nose rail & upper coupler assy are poor. Right side deck rail is fair to poor, lost arching at front. Right tarp rail is fair. Right tool box is fair. Left side deck rail & tarp rail are fair. 12 left sliding winches appear good. Deck xmembers appear good. Aluminum floor appears good with limited visibility at time of inspection due to cargo load on trailer. Rear sill is fair. Left main chassis beam is fair, right is poor. Brakes & brake linings appear good. Hendrickson 10’ 2” fixed spread air ride suspension appears good. Front & rear axles appear good. Right landing gear is good, left is fair with broken mounting bracket. 2 Budd aluminum hub pilot wheels are good, 1 is fair & 1 is poor. 4 Budd steel wheels appear good.
All title &/or salvage certificate rules, regulations &/or ordinances for the state of origin of said title &/or salvage certificate may be applied and adhered to, based on guidelines set forth by the corresponding state’s insurance department, as required. It is responsibility of the bidder/buyer to be knowledgeable of such, when considering bidding on this piece of salvage.
Title state for this piece of salvage: PENNSYLVANIA
Salvage buyer of any piece of salvage listed by this seller, is responsible for removal and transport of said salvage, from tow yard or resting place of such unit of salvage. Salvage buyer is also responsible for containment, pumping, or securement of all fluids, & any parts that could become a road hazard or liability.
Seller’s Disclaimer:

Great American Insurance Company Disclaimer: Please note that any salvage advertised by Great American insurance is sold "as is where is." The description of damage is not intended to be a complete list of the damage, and other damage may exist. If anything is significantly different than what is represented on BTS, please contact
Great American immediately.

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