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Salvage ID 317971
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317971 10/12/2020
10/18/2020 Midnight EST
Salvage Title
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Sealed Bid  Type Of Aution
2001 Terminal Services Tanker  Tanker 
1TT9TD4871YT380120  Fair 
48 Feet 96 Inches  Springs 
Fixed  Stainless 
Other  Other 
                       24.5 Budd 4 Alu, 4 Stl
Tires are in increments of 1/32nd's of tread depth.




Damage Recap:

Tread Depth?
No Additional Features Listed. 
7 Stainless Steel Wrap Panels, Suspension Frame, Front Axle Springs, Fluid Exit Pipe, Exit Pipe Fittings, R/Side Hose Tray, R/Side Rear Fender, Rear Bumper, Possible Front Axle. 
All salvage sold by this company will be sold with a SALVAGE TITLE or PARTS ONLY TITLE. Recovered theft vehicles may have a regular title, depending on the condition of the vehicle and state titled. At the time of submission the Title Type is only an estimation. Neither the adjuster nor the insurance company can guarantee title type until the title has been processed. Some states will only issue a Parts Only Title when damages exceed a certain percent of the Actual Cash Value. 

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